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For more information on the Spanish Department please see our school prospectus.

Spanish Year 8

Autumn Term
Introductions, classroom vocab and instructions, saying our name, how we are and where we live, things in our rucksacks, the Spanish alphabet and pronunciation
Numbers, saying our age, months, seasons, birthdays, countries, -AR, -ER and -IR verbs
School subjects, opinions, teachers, snacks, food at school, money, days of the week, timetables, activities in class.
Spring Term
Describing family members, our pets, colours, physical descriptions, personalities, hair, eyes
Free time hobbies, telling the time, morning/noon/night, sports, opinions about hobbies and reasons
Summer Term
Describing our region, places in town, directions, arranging to meet someone,
Weather, seasons, future weekend plans

Year 8 Spanish Vocabulary Learning Homework Week 1-7

Year 8 Spanish Vocabulary Learning Homework Week 8-14