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For more information on the French Department please see our school prospectus.

Year 5

Autumn Term

  • EQUIPE 1 UNITE 1 BIENVENUE - General questions and answers about our name, age, town, the date today and how we are.
  • An introduction to France; Basic geography and general knowledge of France.


UNITE 2 C'EST LA RENTREE. Tes Affaires d'Ecoles - Equipment for school. Ask and say what you have in your bag/pencil case. Use negative to say what you don't have. Ask if you can borrow something.

Spring Term

  • UNITE 2 Continued. C'est Super - Names of subjects. Say which subjects you like/dislike: survey say which subjects someone else likes/dislikes. Use adjectives to give your opinion about the subjects. Ask and say the time. Ask which subjects someone has on which day at what time. Say when you have particular subjects. Use general phrases in the classroom. Have paired conversations using all the launguage learned so far.


UNIT 3 J'AIME CA. Les Passetemps - Names of hobbies. Ask and say which hobbies you like and dislike. Give your opinion about hobbies. Survey on hobbies.

Summer Term

  • UNITE 3 Continued. EN VILLE - Names and placed in the town. Ask and say where you are going. Ask and say what you do at the weekend. Use connectives to extend sentences.



UNITE 4 MA FAMILLE - Names of different members of the family. Ask who someone is. Identify and introduce memebers of your family.


Year 6

Autumn Term



UNITE 4 C'EST QUI? - Family names, ages and descriptions. Personality and appearance. Describe someone's/your own character.

Spring Term

  • UNITE 4 Continued. Tu es comment? - Describe hair colour and type. Telephone conversations asking and describing appearance. Aim to create long sentences using connectives and adjectives to describe oneself and others. Make comparisons between people. Wanted post/describe famous people/drawing games/guessing games.


UNITE 5 CHEZ MOI - Describe where you or someone else lives. Floors in a house. Types of house. Country/town. Say where rooms are. Ask about rooms. Use adjectives and connectives to describe rooms. Do plan of own house with photos.

Summer Term

  • UNITE 5 Continued. Ma chambre - Items of furniture. Ask people what they have in their room. Say what you have/have not got in your room. Use adjectives and colours to describe objects. Ask and say where things are. Ask and say what you do in your bedroom.


UNITE 6 J'AI SOIF! - Say you are thirsty. Say you'd like something to drink. Ask someone what they want to drink. Cafe role play. Ask for food. Explain what people eat/drink.


Year 7

Autumn Term



UNITE 6 BON APPETIT - Drinks, ask and say what you like to drink. Food Items, ask for food. Explain what people eat and drink. Say the names of different meals. Say what you eat and drink at each meal. Packages and quantity, say what you plan to buy. Count up to 100. Ask how much something costs. Say how much something costs.

Spring Term

  • UNITE 7 EN FORME - Name the parts of the body. Say how you feel. Ask what is wrong. Say where it hurts. Say what is wrong with you. Discuss what's good and bad for your health. Understand and give advice on healthy eating. Ask and say what sports are available. Ask what sports people do. Say what sports you do.

Summer Term

  • UNITE 8 WEEKEND A DIEPPE - Ask about someones plans for the weekend. Say what your plans are. Plan/describe what you are going to do at different times over the weekend. Name places in the town. Find out what is available in the town. Say what is available or not available. Find out about activities in the town. Say what people do. Make suggestions for a visit. Give an opinion with tact. Ask for directions. Understand and give directions. Speak politely. Know how to ask someone to slow down or repeat when speaking.

Year 8

Autumn Term



UNITE 9 BON VOYAGE - Know how to describe all kinds of weather. Ask and say what the weather is like. Understand and give a weather forecast. Describe how people live and what they do. Read and understand about a different culture. Ask what the time is. Say and understand the time and 24 hour clock. Say what time you do things. Be able to describe your day in detail. Name countries. Say which countries you'd like to go to.


EQUIPE 2 UNITE 1 LE LOOK - Name different types of clothing. Say what you are wearing and what your favourite clothes are. Use adjectives to describe clothes and colours.

Spring Term

UNITE 1 Continued - Read and understand a long text. Say what you wear for different occasions. Ask and say what type of clothes you like. Give an opinion about clothes. Ask whether clothes suite you. Say whether something suits someone. Say why it doesn't suit you. Write own fashion parade for a friend describing their outfit.

UNITE 2 Tele ou Cine - Name different types of TV programme. Say what types of TV programme you like or dislike. Ask for and give information about a TV programme. Agree with someone what to watch. Name different types of movies. Invite someone to the cinema. Accept or decline an invitation. Say when a movie is on at the cinema.

Summer Term

  • UNITE 2 Continued. Tu regardes trop la tele? - Ask questions in different way. Survey on TV. Design a poster.


UNITE 3 On Sort - Ask and say what you would like to do. Arrange a time and place to meet. Say that you don't want to do something, give excuses, reply tactfully. Ask someone what they did last weekend. Say what you did last weekend. Ask for something to eat and drink and find out how much it costs. Say how much something costs. Ask some more questions/useful phrases.