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About Alban

Alban is a purpose built Middle School, set in the beautiful rural location of Great Barford. With its specialist accommodation and excellent resources, it is well placed to cater fully for the needs of children aged from 9-13 years.

It is our policy and practice to review regularly, improve and develop the Academy buildings and facilities to provide the very best learning environment and educational opportunities for the children. This summer we have updated the heating in the Year 5 area.

We now have a third laboratory which whilst not having all the facilities of our two main labs, still means that pupils are taught in an appropriate environment.

To further promote a love of reading within the Academy, the Library has been provided with 'Accelerated Reader' to monitor the quantity and quality of pupils reading as well as track thier progress.

Alban History

The first pupils were admitted in September 1976 and later that academic year on 13th June 1977 the school was officially opened by the then Bishop of St. Albans, the Right Reverend Robert Runcie. Although originally called Great Barford Middle School the Governors had the privilege of naming the school and decided upon the most apt and suitable choice of "Alban Church of England Middle School". The school has a special significance in the Diocese of St. Albans because it was the Church's first purpose built Voluntary Aided Middle School in Bedfordshire.

The school badge was carefully chosen by the Governors to show the close association with the Diocese of St. Albans and the Martyrdom of Alban, the first British Christian Martyr. The blue is the diocesan colour and represents the River Ouse which flows through Great Barford. The red represents the blood shed by Alban and the cross, sword and crown are all symbols of Alban's martyrdom. Finally, the gold is symbolic of the rural setting of the Academy, often surrounded by golden fields.

Our Aims at Alban

Alban Church of England Academy will provide opportunities for all children to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens within a Christian environment.

We seek to nurture a love for learning that will help and equip them with the knowledge, skills, ideas and emotions necessary to achieve a healthy and happy life in our rapidly changing society.

Children are encouraged and supported to achieve their best; to know how to stay safe; to be confident to attempt new work and activities; to be part of and contribute to the school and wider community where there is mutual respect and care for others.

In today’s global and multi-cultural society, we recognise the need to provide children with the Christian values and skills which will enable them to achieve an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Therefore we endeavour to;

  • Encourage pupils within the Christian environment of the Church of England School to develop spiritual awareness and understanding of the significance of religion and moral values for both personal growth and for life in a multi-cultural society;

  • Create a positive, caring, disciplined and stimulating Christian environment, so that all members of the school community can be encouraged to develop their full potential;

  • Provide pupils with a variety of educational experiences appropriate to their needs and that will encourage the development of lively and enquiring minds;

  • Encourage all members of the school community to develop into self- disciplined, caring people demonstrating respect and consideration for others and themselves;

  • Promote a sense of collective responsibility and commitment to the school amongst all members of the school community.

How Alban is Organised

Alban is organised into four years:

  • Year 5 (9+)
  • Year 6 (10+)
  • Year 7 (11+)
  • Year 8 (12+)

Each year group is led by a Head of Year who is responsible for the welfare of all children in that age group. Each year group is divided into classes under the care of class teachers who have immediate responsibility for the work and pastoral care of their pupils.

When children join Year 5, they spend more time with their class teacher, receiving the support of specialist subject teachers. As children progress through their four years at Alban, they spend more time with specialist subject teachers although there is always one class teacher with overall responsibility for them.

The class teacher’s role is central to the support and care of the children in the Academy. Together with the Head of Year, he/she undertakes a special responsibility to guide the day to day work, welfare and behaviour of the children in their class and is the immediate person for parents to contact about their child.

Children are provided with a Homework Diary in which they record their homework. Parents are asked to sign this weekly but additionally, it is a very useful means of communicating regularly with class and subject teachers.

Staff at Alban provide a range of expertise which enables us to offer skilled and specialist teaching across all areas of the curriculum. The learning provided is designed to challenge children of all abilities, from the most able to those who need additional support to overcome difficulties.

The School Day

08:50 Pupils' entry to Academy. Registration/assembly
09:00 Lesson 1
09:55 Development Time
10:35 Break
10:50 Lesson 2
11:45 Lesson 3
13:35 Pupils' entry to Academy. Registration
13:40 Lesson 4
14:35 Lesson 5
15:30 Pupil Dismissal

Children should arrive no earlier than 8.40am as supervision is unavailable before this time. If children go home for lunch they should return at 1.35pm. Children are not permitted to leave the school site during the Academy day unless met by a parent for a pre-arranged appointment.

Assemblies and Worship

As a church school, we believe that it is important for the school community to gather together both to celebrate pupils’ achievements and to give the opportunity to take part in collective acts of worship.  To enable this there are regular assemblies for year groups, Key Stages and the whole school. On occasions these assemblies are enhanced by being led by visitors. When no other act of collective worship is taking place, "Thought for the Day" forms part of the start of the day for pupils in each class.

At times of significant festivals such as Harvest, Easter and Christmas, pupils go to All Saints’ Church, Great Barford in order to worship together. Alban pupils also take part in events organised by the Diocese in the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban.